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In the field of defence also our achievements have been quite laudable. The successful production of such missiles as Prithvi and Nag testify to the high capabilities and achievements of our scientists. We have also been successful in producing opt-electronic fire control and night-vision devices required for our indigenous tanks. The HAL at Bangalore has already produced Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH).

Although technology provides benefits to humanity in the form of increased productivity, efficiency, health, convenience, and more, there are some costs associated with them. One cost of technology is to the environment and humans in the form of poisonous pollution and unsustainability. Aside from the effects directly from technology, there are also inherent effects such as the way technology has changed the way humans function. Technology has made humans dependant upon artificial means, which has made humanity more vulnerable and is proof of the true cost of technology. In spite of its benefits, technology and computer technology have costs associated with them in the form of environmental impact and unsustainability, and the alteration of human lifestyle such that it is more vulnerable and dependant.{developing technology essay}

This meant that any form of news distribution was impossible as the blocks were too time intensive to create. They also wore out quickly, which would have required many blocks to be made if distribution was to be large. With the movable type press this was not necessary, and the press could be quickly configured to print a new page, with their modular letters building a page in pieces. Being made of metal they were also far more resilient.

I can write notes as I watch the event, periodically updating the text in chunks so that news comes in part by part, and readers can be aware of the content before it has even finished. I can also take photographs (and increasingly video and audio), and upload those at the same time. My readers can comment on this story as it progresses, adding value to my text by suggesting additional reading, adding their own opinion or insight.

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