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We encounter this spirit already in a somewhat older contemporary of Descartes, Francis Bacon (1561-1626). Bacon is sometimes called the herald of the new age.” With his slogans Knowledge is power” and To conquer nature we must obey her,” he anticipated everything that was going to be possible in a technical sense. Nature must be forced to serve humanity and, in that way, be made into a slave. Bacon says that nature must be penetrated to her most intimate core.” Instead of seeing through the nature-nihilism of this position, he pleads for man as absolute ruler over nature.{developing technology essay}

The concept of scientific clearing houses — services to help journalists interpret scientific data, decipher technical language, and distinguish scientifically credible claims from unsubstantiated ones — should be promoted. UNESCO national commissions should also consider setting up scientific information services aimed at improving the quality and quantity of science stories in the media and ensuring that differing viewpoints are presented.

According to Noble, the expectation of salvation through technology lives in all new areas of technological development. This is not Noble’s conjecture. With the help of quotations from space scientists, representatives of Artificial Intelligence, developers of cyberspace and virtual reality, and representatives of genetic manipulation, he documents their religious adoration of technology. Limits of space and time are transcended by technology; people strive to achieve machinelike immortality and long to perfect a digital presence of mind that will be omnipresent in the cyberage. Genetic manipulation likewise assures them of a re-created, new humanity.

There are some modern technological developments that play a major role in making our daily life more effective television is ,no doubt, a good servantit’s the cheapest source of information and entertainment nowadaysTV has a big influence in our life It can be an educational tool. there is a considerable variety of TV programmes which give us instruction as well as education there are , for examples , some programmes for educating adult illiterates and others for teaching foreign languages besides ,a lot of films, plays and series are presented time at home Television also provides outlet for creative talents many playwrights ,actors emerged from television color TV has given greater opportunities for such talents.

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