HOW TO DEVELOP A TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY. Technology Innovation Management, Technology Foresight, Teachnology Roadmapping, Building, Maintaining

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Certainly, technological innovation is a huge creator of economic value and a driver of competitive advantage. But some important innovations may have little to do with new technology. In the past couple of decades, we have seen a plethora of companies (Netflix, Amazon, LinkedIn, Uber) master the art of business model innovation. Thus, in thinking about innovation opportunities, companies have a choice about how much of their efforts to focus on technological innovation and how much to invest in business model innovation.

Look to new talent channels. Most organizations have already developed some form of strategy for online recruiting; however, their plans often fall short. One reason is that the digital talent they seek might be using only group-specific recruiting platforms, such as AngelList for entrepreneurs, GitHub and Stack Overflow for engineers, Dribbble and Behance for designers, or Kaggle for data scientists. Recent technophile graduates may be using platforms such as The Muse or apps such as Debut in their job hunts. To reach these people, companies need to use the appropriate platforms.

Laipac is participating in SBIC in response to the Vehicle Occupancy Detection Problem Statement issued by Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, and announced by the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth in a news release on November 9. SBIC will support the development of technologies that will detect how many people are in vehicles using high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes to ensure that vehicles with more than one occupant are not inadvertently billed or fined.{how to develop technology|how to develop technology skills|how to develop technology strategy|how to develop technology roadmap|how to develop technology internally|how to develop technology standards|how to develop technology in india|how to develop information technology skills|how to develop new technology|how to develop a technology plan}

Even through the downturn, companies have continued to invest significant sums in developing advanced technologies and the innovation processes required to deliver new products, processes and services to market. In addition to this investment, companies need clear insight into future market and scientific trends and effective operating models for R&D and innovation delivery. Otherwise they fall behind as new technologies and fast-moving competitors shape the market.

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